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EPISODE 7 🌺 Yii Soogwachi Deebiru - Happy Lunar New Year

Yii Soogwachi Deebiru!

Join Emma and Mariko as they join Eric Wada-Shinshi of Ukwanshin Kabudan on this special New Years' episode! We'll delve into and about Uchinaa Soogwachi with a visual YouTube presentation alongside our usual podcast episode.

We are grateful to Wada-Shinshi and Ukwanshin Kabudan for creating the LooChoo Identity Summit in Oʻahu and hosting many educational online events, from culture to weekly language classes. He also has a LooChoo Podcast called Loochoo Nu Kwa, please check all of it out!

Listen to us on:

Click the link below to listen!

... or watch the full presentation on YouTube:

Show Notes:

Guest Speaker

Eric Wada Email:


Ippee nifee debiru (thank you very much!) to Ukwanshin Kabudan for providing two track this episode's music, Kajadifū Bushi and Yushainō Bushi, from their album 'Identity nu ufu Bushi' album. You can find them on their website at

And as always, nifee deebiru to Brandon Ufugusuku Ing for the music for the fun fact!

Thank you to our community guest voices speaking about their personal Soogwachi celebrations:

Hanako, Marcelus, Julian, Gabriel, Co, Shō, and Anonymous


Huge thank you to Emma Anderson audio, video editing and mastering for this episode.


Donations to Ichariba Choodee are very much appreciated!


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