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EPISODE 6 🌺 Preserving History with the Okinawa Memories Initiative

Join Erica and Tori as they talk to guest speakers Lex McClellan-Ufugusuku and Stephen Yogi of the Okinawan Memories Initiative (OMI). We learn about the programs history and how graduate and undergraduate students at UCSC are working to preserve the history of Okinawa.

We also have Sean Torralba as a guest writer who also participated in OMI as part of the communications team. Read his blog post here to learn what his experience was like!

Listen to us on:

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Show Notes:

Podcast Reading List Dec 2022
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Guest Speakers

Alexyss “Lex” McClellan-Ufugusuku (she/her) Facebook: Alexyss “Lex” Ufugusuku Email:

Stephen Yogi (he/him) Instagram: @norcalsushi

Sean Torralba (he/him)

Instagram: @star_tribe


Ippee nifee deebiru (thank you very much!) to Jesse Shiroma and his band Streetlight Cadence for providing this episode's music and Brandon Ufugusuku-Ing for the music for the fun fact! More info can be found at the following:

Jesse Shiroma Instagram: @jesseshiroma

Streetlight Cadence Instagram: @streetlightcadence Listen to Streetlight Cadence’s music on Bandcamp Brandon Ufugusuku-Ing Instagram: @lets_sing_uchinaaguchi Listen to Brandon’s music on Bandcamp

Oki Phrase of the Day / Oki Fun Fact of the Day:

Shimanchu Visual Archive: A collection of family & historical visual memories from the Shimanchu diaspora. Curated by Tori Toguchi and Elaine Cromie. Instagram: @shimanchu_visual_archives Email:


Huge thank you to Emma Anderson and Joseph Kamiya for audio editing and mastering.


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