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EPISODE 2 🌺 Language Revitalization with Guest Brandon Ufugusuku Ing

Episode 2!

Join co-hosts Erica & Mariko for our second episode welcoming our first ever guest speaker, Brandon Ufugusuku Ing! Brandon is a musician, educator, and Uchinaaguchi language revitalizationist. He’s also the creative mind behind Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi and Let’s Speak Uchinaaguchi. We’ll talk story, hear a little bit about his inspirations and his relationship to uchinaaguchi and Okinawa, ... and of course, we’ll end with our Okinawa fun fact of the day.

Listen to us on:

or... click the link below to listen!

Show Notes:

Igor Shin Moromizato - Animator for the Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi videos

Katsumi Gushiken - Character design for Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi videos

Uchinaa Shibai (うちなー芝居) - “Okinawan Play / Drama”

Umanchu Suruti Series: Monthly Uchinaaguchi lessons taught by Brandon through Ukwanshin Kabudan’s. Please email for information Shimakutuba (Words to Our Soul) by Brandon Ing

NPR Codeswitch - “Saving a Language You’re Learning to Speak” Proverb: “Kiramaa miiyushiga, machigi ya miiran” “You can see the Kerama Islands but you can’t see your own eyelashes.”

Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival 2022 - Sekai UchinanchuTaikai 2022


Ippee nifee debiru (thank you very much!) to Brandon Ing for providing this episode's music!

Oki Phrase of the Day / Oki Fun Fact of the Day:

RYUJIN MABUYER - Okinawan Super Hero!


Huge thank you to Joseph Kamiya for audio editing and mastering.


Donations to Ichariba Choodee are very much appreciated!


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