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EPISODE 2 🌺 Language Revitalization with Guest Brandon Ufugusuku Ing

Episode 2!

Join co-hosts Erica & Mariko for our second episode welcoming our first ever guest speaker, Brandon Ufugusuku Ing! Brandon is a musician, educator, and Uchinaaguchi language revitalizationist. He’s also the creative mind behind Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi and Let’s Speak Uchinaaguchi. We’ll talk story, hear a little bit about his inspirations and his relationship to uchinaaguchi and Okinawa, ... and of course, we’ll end with our Okinawa fun fact of the day.

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or... click the link below to listen!

Show Notes:

Brandon Ing YouTube Channel Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi

Let’s Speak Uchinaaguchi

Uchinaa1000 by the World Uchina Business Network

Kempi program

Irei no Hi

Igor Shin Moromizato - Animator for the Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi videos

Katsumi Gushiken - Character design for Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi videos

Rikka, Uchinaa-nkai! Okinawan Language Textbook for Beginners - PDF Download

Uchinaguchi Study Group - YouTube Channel

Uchinaa Shibai (うちなー芝居) - “Okinawan Play / Drama”

Umanchu Suruti Series: Monthly Uchinaaguchi lessons taught by Brandon through Ukwanshin Kabudan’s. Please email for information Shimakutuba (Words to Our Soul) by Brandon Ing

NPR Codeswitch - “Saving a Language You’re Learning to Speak” Proverb: “Kiramaa miiyushiga, machigi ya miiran” “You can see the Kerama Islands but you can’t see your own eyelashes.”

Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival 2022 - Sekai UchinanchuTaikai 2022

Take on Me by a-ha


Ippee nifee debiru (thank you very much!) to Brandon Ing for providing this episode's music!

Listen to Brandon’s music on Bandcamp

Oki Phrase of the Day / Oki Fun Fact of the Day:

RYUJIN MABUYER - Okinawan Super Hero!

Ryujin Mabuyer Official Webpage (Japanese)


Huge thank you to Joseph Kamiya for audio editing and mastering.


Donations to Ichariba Choodee are very much appreciated!

Support for the podcast can be made through Kofi!

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