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EPISODE 11 🌺 Intersections x Connections | On Being Kānaka Maoli & Shimanchu

Join us in conversation with Momi Cummings and Lehuauakea as we focus on the intersections and connections of their identities as Kānaka Maoli and Shimanchu in tandem with their work and personal lives. This episode will be the first of yearly episodes where we share thoughts, identities, experiences, and histories of communities that intersect with our own. We also want to affirm and uplift the multidimensional identities of mixed-race individuals whose experiences are part of our Ryukyuan diaspora community's larger tapestry and share their voices with our listeners.

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Show Notes:


Momi Cummings: LinkTree:

Would like to connect with others doing genealogy. Lehuauakea: Website:


Ippee nifee deebiru (thank you very much!) to Aolani for providing this episode's music, ‘Everything's so Serious’. Their links can be found at the following:

Tasteless Magazine:

Instagram: And as always, nifee deebiru to Brandon Ufugusuku Ing for the music for the fun fact!

Oki Fun Fact of the Day:

Meet the podcast volunteers: Kiera Usagawa, Harumi López Higa, Carol Nakadomari, Adriane S., Isabela, and Akemi.


Huge thank you to Emma Norie and Joseph Kamiya for audio editing and mastering.


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