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EPISODE 10 🌺 Anniversary Yuntaku

Assamiyo~ Can you believe it’s been a year? A huge ippee nifee deebiru (thank you very much) to the dedicated podcast listeners this past year and to those who are just joining for this evolving identity and discovery journey. You are an integral part of why this podcast has been able to gain the momentum it has and is what keeps it going.

In this anniversary episode we’ll yuntaku (chat) with the co-founders behind the podcast Mariko, Erica, & Tori – where they explore individual and collective highlights from the past year, projects that are in the works, and what they are hopeful for in the future. With shoutouts to our amazing editing team: Joey & Emma and a warm welcome to our new volunteers: Adriane, Kiera, Carol, Isabella, and Harumi! Looking forward to another wonderful year – Yutasarugutu unigeesabira!

Listen to us on:

or... click the link below to listen!

Show Notes:

Interview with Jen Hicks (she/her)



Ippee nifee debiru (thank you very much!) to Micah Chibana and Joey Kamiya for providing this episode’s music, ‘Sakura and Parking Lots’ and ‘imi ru yataru’. Links for our musicians can be found at the following:

Micah Chibana

Joey Kamiya Bandcamp:

And as always, nifee deebiru to Brandon Ufugusuku Ing for the music for the fun fact!

Oki Phrase of the Day / Oki Fun Fact of the Day:

Did you know a monorail in Uchinaa (Okinawa Island) runs from Naha to Urasoe? The rail began as a concept in 1972 and was founded in 2003! Each station has a unique stained glass window depicting different parts of Ryukyuan history, a different chime representing Ryukyuan folk songs, some stations incorporate Ryukyuan textiles into their building and station signs, and the red line on the train represents the lacquer painting of Shuri Castle! Not only that, but if you look closely at one-day tickets, they incorporate Minsa textiles!


Huge thank you to Emma Anderson and Joseph Kamiya for their audio editing and mastering.


Donations to Ichariba Choodee are very much appreciated!


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