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Nifee deebiru 2021! Haisai 2022!
Kickstarter & Instagram Giveaway

Gusuuyoo ippee nifee deebiru !!  Thank you everyone for such a successful first year!  To keep this project going, we are launching an end of the year Kickstarter -- 100% of the proceeds will go back out into the community through paying our guests, musicians, and others involved in making the podcast programming possible.  We have set a very realistic goal of $300 since we are just starting out... This will be the start of our season since we've estimated the year's expenses to be around $1,170. (This figure factors in for 12 episodes, a modest honorarium for 4 guest speakers / musicians / collaborators per episode, website, and other hosting expenses.)

Visit our Kickstarter page here.

At the same time we will be running an Instagram Giveaway with donations from Shimanchu creatives, collaborators and community partners!  100% of the proceeds from this Kickstarter will go back out into the community through paying our guests, musicians, and others involved in making the podcast programming possible.

Q:  So... How do you participate?
A: Head to Instagram and:

  • make sure you are following the @shimanchupodcast account

  • tag a friend / friends in comments 

  • and let us know what you love about the podcast!

Q: How long is the giveaway going?
A: We will be running the fundraiser through Tuesday, November 30.

We will announce winners on Wednesday, December 1 (time TBD).  

Q: Can I donate something to the giveaway?
A: Of course! 

We are still accepting donations if you would like to offer a shimanchu-related product or service -- just send us an email at

Giveaway Donors & Prizes

Donated by:
LISARISA Illustrations & Designs

LISARISA Artist Bundle

Okinawa themed notepad, sticky notes, and stickers

LISARISA is a studio of illustrator and graphic designer, Lisa Ledbetter. She is an Uchinanchu illustrator who’s inspired by the beauty of her homeland, and wishes to spread the rich Okinawan culture to you through her original designs and goods.

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 11.21.24 AM.png

Donated by:
Candice Soon of candicedoodles

Candicedoodles Artist Bundle

1. 1 8x10 print of “Ryukyu Love Letter”, a dream-like watercolor piece that highlights power spots, sacred landmarks, and places of cultural significance in the Ryukyu Kingdom: Shuri Castle, Naminoue Shrine, Shikinaen Royal Garden, Nakamura House, Bise Fukugi tree road, Sefa Utaki, and Nakijin Castle ruins. 

2. 1 5x7 print of “Under a Moonlit Sky”, featuring a drawing of Shuri Castle under the glow of a full moon.

3. 1 Okinawa map sticker (2” x 4”)

Screen Shot 2021-11-07 at 11.22.51 AM.png

Donated by:
Kyle Yukawa from
Blooming In Asia

Blooming in Asia
Artist Bundle

A full set of Uchinaa prints, a Hajichi sticker set, 正体 enamel pin, and a 白日夢 enamel pin,

Kyle is an Uchinaanchu-American illustrator based in Nagasaki, Japan.


Donated by:
Mahealani and Back by
Keila Sachi Gaballo

Mahelani and Back
Artist Bundle

1 painted mandala record

2 illustrated postcards

1 vinyl sticker

Available for commissioned illustrations or hand lettered pieces!

967D159A-D501-4C80-BC12-71835C658834 (1).jpg

Donated by:

Kanasa Organics
Shikwasa Powder Pack x 2

Shikuwasa powder packs 

(for two lucky winners)

It is vegan, gluten-free, and sustainably made. It’s a versatile product which can be used for smoothies, baking, yogurt, or sprinkled on pancakes or toast.

kanasa2 (1).png

Donated by:
Malama Soaps

'Okinawa Soba' Soap

One 'Okinawa Soba' style soap from the "Okinawa Collection"

All soaps are handmade from scratch by Malama Soaps, in Hawai’i 🌺


Donated by:
Ninazuma Pottery

Tea (or Whiskey) Tumbler(s)

Handcrafted "いちゃりばちょーでー" small (tea/whiskey) tumblers. 

One lucky winner will receive a set of two tumblers!
Two lucky winners will receive one tumbler each!

Pottery has been such an illuminating and creative outlet and I am so happy to share my favorite parts and interpretations of our world through various functional clay vessels. Ninazuma Pottery aspires to celebrate our natural world by honoring unique flora & fauna, as well as the wild landscapes we cherish through colors, designs, and shapes.

My mama is from Ikemajima. Zuma [島] is a word in the Ikemajima dialect of Uchinaaguchi, that means island. Nina [ニ奈] is my name, given to me by my mom to honor her sister.

And it is in pottery that I would like to creatively celebrate my roots while also honoring these mountains that I live and play in.

E86541DC-A4D8-4116-A975-8E811361A624 (1).jpg

Donated by:
Hiromi Toma

Hajichi Art Print

Print of “Hajichi & Bingata nº4” size 210 x 297 mm

Hajichi & Bingata #4.png

Donated by:
Mariko Middleton

Hajichi Prayer Hand Tee

Prayer hand Tee!

hajichi hands.png
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