Ichariba Choodee Podcast

When we meet, we become brothers, sisters, family.



Join our cohosts as they explore a range of topics, from identity to language revitalization.  Each episode features music by a Shimanchu artist, guest speakers specializing or directly involved in a Okinawan field or topic, and close with an Okinawan funfact / proverb.  Come join us for this evovling journey together.  Yutasurugutu unigeesabira!

   The Podcast

Okinawan.  Ryukyuan.  Loochoo.

There are many more names for the peoples of these islands. Hear the many voices and stories of those identifying as Shimanchu (or Uchinachu).

Celebrating and preserving our culture, connecting the diaspora, and both proudly and humbly educating and learning along the way. Hosted monthly by Mariko Middleton, Erica Kunihisa, and Tori.


Ichariba Choodee is a beautiful Ryukyan saying translating roughly to, 'When we meet, we become brothers, sisters, family.'




Mariko Middleton

Mariko is a half Okinawan American living on Abenaki land in Vermont, USA.  She is an interspiritual practitioner of earth-based spirituality and is deeply interested in identity, culture, and how we all weave the global web of change.  She is a blend of introverted introspection and extroverted ecstaticness depending on her environment.  Follow along on her Instagram here.


Erica Kunihisa 

Erica is a graphic designer and illustrator and has become interested in how art and design plays a role in social and cultural impact. When she is not in front of a computer, she enjoys being outdoors and doing activities such as hiking/camping, and dragon boating. Find some of her work on Instagram here.

Tori Toguchi


Tori is a Shimanchu photographer born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. 


You can find her photography website here or follow along on her Instagram here.



Emma Anderson

Emma is an Okinawan-American radio DJ, software engineer, and zinester from Los Angeles, California a.k.a. Tongva land. When she’s not busy building iOS apps or hosting her funk & soul radio show, Emma practices koto with Sensei Katsuko Teruya as part of the Kōyōkai L.A. music group. Follow along on her Instagram here.


Joseph Y. Kamiya

Joseph is an Uchinaanchu yonsei (fourth generation) from California who dabbles in filmmaking, original music/noise, and uta-sanshin. His ancestral roots are from Tamagusuku (Nanjō City) and Awase (Okinawa City) in Okinawa and Fukuoka, Japan.

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